Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

- This application is designed for entertainment as a game. It does not guarantee the correctness of information. Moreover, it is not related to each railroad company.

- This application will not provided permanently. In addition, information such as comments entered by the user and scores obtained may be edited / deleted without prior notice.

- We will strive for safe and stable operation, but we are not responsible for the damage caused by using this application.

- In this application, the usage status (time, device type, progress status, IP address) may be saved to an external server for game progress and score management. For management, we use random numbers generated at first launch and we do not identify individual users.

- By uninstalling, the identification code will also disappear. Therefore, the connection with the data on the server is completely lost. Please note that data can not be restored.

- This application uses the advertisement service provided by a third party. For optimization, advertisement distribution companies may collect and use usage status including other applications and sites.

- If you do not want to send data to the network server, you can select [STANDALONE MODE] which does not use data externally (ver.1.4 or later). In that case, some functions are not available.

For inquiries, please contact below.